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Summer Beach Party!

Season 2 Kikis are here and they are ready for some fun in the sun! Grab yours on Secondary!

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Our Roadmap

First and foremost, we are an art-based project that provides a series of themed, collectible Kikis created by experienced illustrators. Upon receiving the appropriate funding from our releases, we will provide deliverables that expand on the Kiki metaverse and make it even more rewarding to collect Kikis!

Some goals include:

  • Themed Kiki questing for NFT rewards!
  • Custom Kiki Economy Discord bot!
  • Expansion of mini-MMO, Kiki City!
  • Funding for Kiki's Playground Artist Collective!

A Series of Artists

The Kiki community has always been supportive of artists, and our drops are no different! Each Season features a different artist and their interpretation of a Kiki!

Kiki News

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